Monthly Archives: May 2017

A Better Option for Consumers


The Georgia cable TV providers that people have access to depends on where they live. A few of my friends have a couple of providers in their area that don’t service mine. I’m not sure if their prices are cheaper than what people usually pay around here, but their service is better. I used to have a really bad cable company, until one day when I found out that one of the service providers that was not available before became available. I went online and sign up for their services, while cancelling my old service.

The best thing about my switch to a different cable provider is that I have all of the channels that my friends were getting before. There were a lot of channels that my old provider didn’t offer, and I couldn’t figure out why.

I called them and complained about it multiple times, telling them about the offerings of other providers, and all they did was just ignore me. It was as if they knew that I had no other choice for cable besides them. Well now the tables have turned, and I can ignore them for a change. When i switched providers, they begged me to stay, and even offered me some discounts, but it was too late.

I pay less for cable now than I ever did. The amount I pay is even less than what my previous provider was offering me before I cancelled services with them. Some companies just don’t understand the rules of competition. If you want to win over other companies, you have to give customers something that is better than what everyone else offers. Another bonus of my new cable service is the inclusion of a DVR. I can record multiple shows at once and watch them again later in my spare time.